This has been the craziest weather here of late. It definitely doesn’t feel like summer as we are accustomed. It’s like Spring just doesn’t want to move on (I realize it’s not officially summer yet, but this is just not normal). On the day of Cailee’s end of the year school party – last year we were running through sprinklers, lathered in sunscreen; this year, we skipped it because it was rainy, windy and barely 70 degrees.

Finally, the tropical storm that visited us Thursday and Friday had moved on to torment someone else and the cloudy sky parted to sun just in time for Liam’s birthday party (next post). After the party and an afternoon of errands (the girls) or naps (the boys), we decided to get the sprinkler out. Now the water was frigid and the air was not really that hot (about 80 degrees) but that didn’t matter to the kids. After barely a split second of hesitation they were right in there. Cailee was smart enough to want a swim suit on – Connor just went for it fully clothed.