As if we don’t have enough going on already with dance, gymnastics, preschool, soccer, cubbies, I had to add one more thing to our plate of activities – swimming. I am always looking for additional ways to keep Cailee active and use up some of that never ending energy (today, a mom told me Cailee was the fastest kid in her class, I am so proud). The girl loves the pool, I *thought* we had Saturdays open so I signed her up for swimming lesson. I figured, how great would that be if she knew how to swim before the summer. I didn’t think about how I would be trying to rush from swim class to dance competition practice with soaking wet hair or praying for a rain day at soccer so we could make it to swimming lessons. It all worked out but it got a little tense at times and I felt like super mom (or frazzled – take your pick).

Well, the fact still remains, the kid loves the pool and has proclaimed this her favorite activity. She learning to swim underwater, wiht her head in the water and her arms out in front of her. She’s learned to float on her back, and she’s perfected the doggie paddle. I call all of that progress.

PS. Some time as passed between when I took the pictures and penned this post. This was winter session, we are now enjoying the spring session which has both Cailee and Connor swimming twice a week, every week and me still rushing to get them there on time.