We had a wonderful Thanksgiving! As I said before, it was the first time we had hosted the dinner and that, I must admit, turned pretty chaotic. But I guess that’s comes with the territory, when you have two busy toddlers, two babies under 8 months (1 under 10 days), 11 adults, 2 tables + a kiddie table and not enough dishes for both – crazy is just an understatement. But, the food was delicious and the company was the best, so I would not have traded my place with anyone for the world. In between serving food, chopping veggies, and pouring sweet team, I got to make playdoh sundaes, blow bubbles (and clean up solution from the hardwoods) with Cailee, and teach Connor how to stand on his own two feet. JJ and I even got to kick back and watch some tv before crashing early (that definitely doesn’t happen often – the tv or the early to bed). You just can’t beat that!

Here are some pictures of the before, during and after. Unfortunately, amidst the running around, I got fewer pictures then I would have liked, but there are plenty of good memories seared in my mind.

Most of the time, my kitchen looked like this (and worse!)

Our 20lb-er!

Yes, I cheated and used nearly all plastic/paperware

Lollipop bribes kept Cailee entertained

The chef de jour