We had plenty to be thankful for this year, including a week’s vacation at Thanksgiving. It all went by too quickly but I always enjoy the extra time I get to spend with Cailee, work aside. Our challenge is always trying to get to everyone’s house on Thanksgiving but this year GG Dewar was in Florida with Cailee’s great grandparents so we visited my parents on Turkey day. The spread was magnificent as usual, I am trying to make mental notes, I know in the future I will have to step up and make the dinner, I’ll never measure up for sure, my mom still cooks for an army and its all delicious. I think there were like 3 or 4 deserts and we never even made it to them. Our stomachs were full long before we had the chance. Cailee really enjoyed the stuffing (we had a debate, is it stuffing or dressing?) although her time in the high chair these days is very limited. She is just a baby on the go and that thing just gets in the way after a while.

I didn’t get any good pictures actually at dinner but I got a few of her modeling her pretty Thanksgiving outfits (yes, two of them – I couldn’t decide) on and around the big day.

Truly, I think I have more fun dressing up Cailee then I do myself these days – which might be why her warddrobe far outnumbers mine these days.