It was an action packed weekend and its only half-way over. I’m only posting this now because I don’t anticipate near as much to happen tomorrow as we have crammed in thus far – but I am open to being proven wrong. Last night, JJ and I headed out to the NC State Track and Field reunion. What a blast from the past! The best part is that everyone just kinda fell back into their personalities of the good ol days and you could hardly tell nearly 15-20 years had passed. I enjoyed catching up with everyone and its great to see how well everyone has done for themselves.

The festivities continued today (actually last night was the party before the party). The real event was centered around the NC State football game – but duty called and we had birthday parties and snotty nosed kids so it didn’t work out today.

Cailee attended Kyla’s 4th birthday party – it was great. It was at a spot I never knew of before in downtown Durham, called the Fun Zone. It was really just a giant playroom with a bunch of toys inside as well as a space outside for kids to ride bikes, push strollers, write with chalk, you name it – you could do it. The highlight for all the little girls was holding the bunny rabbit – it became a game of pass the bunny. Cailee loved it (not the game, the bunny) – in a fleeting moment I thought about getting a bunny, but then I remembered I have cats and I just don’t think that would work out well. (Side note, and speaking of pets, I don’t know where this came from, maybe its just because we occasionally mention Lola, but last week, Cailee said, I miss Lola, I liked playing with her, I wish she would come back…” just breaks my heart to hear that. But so sweet, I hope somewhere she does have memories of Lola)

Cailee spent a lot of time on the tricycle, and just as much time trying to ride the tricycle with a baby, and when that didn’t work, she tried to ride the tricycle and pull a stroller at the same time. She really struggled with this one.

Connor didn’t miss out on all the fun this weekend either (although he does have double ear infections). He spent the day with dad at Virgina International Speedway watching motorcycles (I bet that was good for the eardrums). The kid does have a crazy affinity for cars and motorcycles. The minute he wakes up he scrambles to find his toy motorcycles (two small replicas of JJ’s bikes that I had on his shelf) and carts them around all day with him like they are his blankie or pacifier. And lately, he wants to stop and touch our wedding picture in the hall, the one with the Porsche. He ignores the other ones, but clamors for that one. Scary thought, the kid has taste too rich for this house.