We made a pretty spur of the moment decision to visit the zoo today. We weren’t sure what to expect, quite frankly weren’t even sure it was still open this time of year (turns out its open year-round), but we were pleasantly surprised. The weather was awesome, the leaves were turning, there were no crowds and the kids were in great spirits. For the first time ever, we let Connor on the loose for a good bit of the day. I think he enjoyed it, although you won’t be able to tell because most of my pictures are of Cailee. That’s because when he was not in the stroller, I was chasing, not taking pictures. Cailee became obsessed with the binocular stands (you know the kind you have to insert 25 cents and be at least 5 feet tall to see anything) she would actually get mad if there were no binoculars – even when the animal was in full view 10 feet in front of her. Yeah, she kinda missed the point.

We topped off the afternoon with Mellow Mushroom pizza with my parents – it was the perfect end to a great day (the kids even halfway cooperated after a long day). Couldn’t ask for much more than that!