These last few days have been a blur and try as I might to make a mental note here and there – lack of sleep is making that hard to do. So many things have happened that it just makes sense to write them down so I can look back later on and be able to remember every memorable thing… Most might not make sense to you – out of context… but this is much easier than writing a post about every item and these days its all about making the best use of time…

    • Mom and Dad (Herrman) arrived just in time to hear the baby’s first cry through the door of the labor and delivery room
    • Doctor Jack Inge delivered Cailee. I was thrilled as he was the reason I selected the medical practice in the first place.
    • Hurricane IKE was predicted to hit early Saturday morning (9/14) in Galvestine Island, Texas. We watched the progress in the delivery room
    • The latest political news is that Senator McCain (republican) selected a mother of five, Sarah Pallin as a running mate.
    • Even though Cailee has no idea what she’s smiling at – she often grins, I wonder what she’s thinking.
    • The first three nights Cailee wanted to be fed once an hour for several hours. The nurse finally suggest a pacifier. It has become a life saver. She was one of a few babies on the floor that actually took to nursing very easily – almost too much so – she clearly is a sucker. But considering I was nursed the longest of my siblings – it might just be in the genes.
    • Cailee got her first bath (at home) on Monday, September 15 because she peed all over herself. JJ styled her hair afterwards.
    • Cailee took her first walk around Deer Forest today with Lola. She slept straight through the experience.
    • Lola likes to lick Cailee’s head. I think she’s a little jealous of the attention she is getting. She actually had to go to the vet today because she had a rash we were concerned about – its apparently acne which we found comical.

Expect this list to be ongoing….