I am going to try and be all tech savvy and post this directly from my phone as I wait in an extraordinarily long line at Starbucks.


Cailee wanted me to decorate for Halloween – but she thought that meant putting out all our decorations – Christmas tree, Easter eggs.


Someone likes to try on my glasses (hopefully she won’t need them for real anytime soon)


Took a short break from shopping with mom to play in the helicopter at South Point.

JJ and I got a rare treat (just in time for our tenth anniversary) and had a nice dinner out in Greensboro at Table 16. It was set up tasting style – they brought as many small plates of food as you wanted – it was delicious – this was desert (Made me feel like a judge in top chef – everything was beautifully prepared)


Connor waiting to see the doc – notice his angst (well not really, it was just funny how it came out)


Pumpkin Day!


Hard to believe the mommy taxi hit 10K this week (since May). Ahhh!


Connor decked out in his beach wedding gear – now the trick will be getting him to walk down the aisle without making a beeline for the water