Last year it was the mudroom, this year it is the bonus room. These home improvement projects just keep getting bigger and bigger, and our house was new when we moved in. But, just in case you think this was my idea – think again! I would feel extremely guilty if I was the one behind the ideas – but I am not. But to put it into perspective – the conversations generally go like this – “Wouldn’t it be nice if we could turn this area into a bonus room,” says he and I reply, “YES! let’s do it!” So, I’m not exactly the initiator, just the instigator (which, if not for the sake of argument, are probably one in the same).

So here’s the plans. There is a large eave that is hidden behind a “secret” door in Cailee’s closet. Its more or less an unfinished room over the garage. Only problem being there is only the single access point through her closet. So we are going to remove the wall into her closet and extend her room the length of the closet today (find her another closet or armoire), remove the actual door into the eave, widen the opening a bit, finish the room, add a window, fan, etc. It will still pretty much just be a large extension of her room – 22×10 to be exact.

Wow, it sounds so much simpler when I write it out. I think the biggest task was actually getting the stuff out of the eave that has made its way in there over the last 2.5 years. It was far easier to store things in there that it was to access our attic by pulldown stairs, but completing this room will make that trouble very much worth the extra effort.

JJ completed task #1 this weekend – add the air conditioning. Yea! Next up, the flooring. My goal for completion is September, in time for Cailee’s birthday, but I have been instructed not to be optimistic. Its going to be a little here, little there, kinda project, and I am ok with that – because I know in the long run – we are going to get good use out of this room. I am hoping for a wide open space, that is child friendly and safe, to just set Cailee loose in.

Here are some pictures so you can see where it all started…