So it all started mid last week (eight weeks). I was pacing the family room and JJ was holding Cailee and out of my peripheral I realized that her little head was snapping back and forth, keeping in perfect sync with me. Then Cailee attended her first college football game this weekend in Greenville (happened to be my first appearance at ECU as well). When she wasn’t snoozing or otherwise occupied with feedings, and diaper changes – she was people watching. Her eyes were wide and her gaze followed everything. So in doing some searching online I found a site that similates what she is seeing at 8 weeks. Here is what it suggests her vision is (although every baby is different).

Doesn’t seem like much – but when you were seeing just blobs – I guess the fact that you can make out just a little bit more – makes a huge difference at least in their world. And by three months – their sight is making incredible leaps and bounds. Now, the question is – how on earth does science really know what a baby can see – no clue, but I am sure they have their ways.

Speaking of scientific probabilities – we learned that doctors are testing a much easier means to do the procedure JJ had this past year (adding a new pulmonary valve) and this is great news considering we expect in his life time he will have to have it replaced at least once more. Instead of open heart surgery, they are experimenting with a means to compress the valve and insert it via catheter. Once it place, it would expand and then minimally evasive surgery is required to complete the procedure. How great would that be? (sorry slightly off track).