I thought these were some funny pictures to share. Cailee has this thing for shoes these days (if I hadn’t told you that already). Even so much so that she insists on putting shoes on with her PJ’s after her bath. This usually isn’t a big deal as her ensembles are footless during these 90 degree+ days – however the laundry was running and the only thing left to wear (although just a diaper might have been better- can we say HOT!) was this footer suit. And of course – the shoes had to be worn. Sadly, we forget and left them on and she slept this way.

You know the old saying – turn that frown upside down. It almost never fails – if Cailee is throwing a fit and you distract her with tickling or hanging upside down – she forgets whatever minuscule thing was bothering her in the first place in lieu of the new entertainment.

And finally, I got to enjoy my first home-grown tomato last night. JJ looked on in horror (he doesn’t care for tomatoes) but I thought it was delicious! Hoping that wasn’t the only one I can enjoy this summer.