Well, Connor’s first Halloween got off to a rainy start. We waffled – not sure if we should go to the local church or persist with walking the neighborhood. We decided to chance it and it paid off (and I understand we were some of the few that escaped a soggy trip). We borrowed GG’s wagon and put Connor in the bumbo seat – and surprisingly – he persisted in this seat, managed a few smiles – for quite some time.

Cailee really enjoyed Halloween this year, she begged to wear her costume (a big change from last year) and after every house – she would run down the porch and say “Let’s go to the next house.” Its surprising how motivating candy is. Unfortunately, Cailee didn’t have a nap that day and it showed. By the time we had rounded the neighborhood she was laying down in the wagon, and would garner just enough energy to grab her candy and finally, as if on cue, she said she wanted to go home and rest – thankfully we were in front of our house at this point.