Immediately after soccer (the timing was intentional, by the way, we were hoping for worn out kids on the 4 hour drive) we headed to the beach for what’s quickly becoming an annual trip. In fact, even before we left the field Cailee made sure that plans to drive to the beach had not changed, she was so emphatic that the beach was our next stop that she got upset when we stopped for lunch. The most important thing to her was that we quickly make our way to the beach so she could begin to amass her seashell collection. We made every attempt thereafter to appease her, skirting any serious traffic delays, checking into our rental (nice 70s wicker vibe) quickly unpacking and running to the beach. We were trying to beat a late aftermoon storm that was brewing – all the while not losing track of the seashell fixation. We didn’t even bother putting on swimsuits or bring beach towels -presumably we were just going to take a nice leisurely stroll on the beach – oh so wrong.

If today was any indication of what we are in for this week – its going to be a busy one. Connor has no fear of the water – and runs straight for it – again fully clothed (you’d think we would have learned our lesson). Likewise, Cailee was running in and out of the water, and ultimately threw sand up over her head – a new move for the books. Needless to say everyone was covered head to toe in sand and to seal the deal – we got caught in the rainstorm on the walk back. Nevertheless, it was fun seeing both of their reactions to the ocean this year, and I am looking forward to the fun to come.