Another good day for the books. We really can’t beat this weather – today had the best chance for rain, but so far there’s not been a drop since the rain we encountered on the trip down and the first night. We spent another full day on the beach and at the pool, going back and forth a bit – its so nice to have that option. On the beach there was a nice breeze and an occasional break from the sun so it made it very tolerable (and we have been fortunate to not have any sunburn yet). The kids played in what remained of the giant pit from yesterday and we took several walks on the beach, pulling the kids in the wagon.

In the pool, Cailee is getting much more confident in the water and has been dunking her head completely under – now if I could just get her to pinch her nose so we could avoid the water in the nose.

I should note that although we have eaten out twice, Melanie has been cooking some delicious (and healthy) dinners for us each night – makes me feel guilty as I have done nothing to contribute – but I know I can’t even come close to pulling meals together like that so I won’t even pretend to try. I have gotten some good ideas to try back home – but I wouldn’t hold your breath in anticipation.

Connor has been pretty funny around all the girls, he likes to chase them around the house and even tries to wrestle them if he catches one sitting still – he instigates it and initially its harmless, but ultimately he goes for the hair and has to be pried off coming away with big clumps of hair in his little fists. He’s also been working on his dance moves alongside Audrey, who is quite the little rockstar in her own rights. She likes to sing California Girls – kids bop style.

Here are some pix from the day, I didn’t take near as many today – figured I would give everyone a rest from the camera. Until next time…