Well my reprieve from picture taking could only last so long, I was back on it today. I even shot a few videos (I’ll have to upload once I get home, we definitely would max out our data plan, again). At one point I was trying to balance my camera, iPhone and some seashells while getting jostled by the waves (knee deep) in the ocean, not the smartest scenario, but you gotta do what you gotta do. We did the usual today, just as the week is winding down we are getting on a good schedule. Sleep til 9 (well the kids do, I am still trying to run before everyone wakes), beach by 10, lunch at 1 (and nap for Connor) and then several more hours split between the beach and pool in the afternoon. Today we did cut short our fun in the sun so we could make it to dinner at a reasonable time (and avoid the wait). We got a good recommendation from facebook (what else?) for dinner, it proved to be a good call.

Callee is actually doing really well in the ocean and the pool. We spent a long time jumping waves in water that was over her head most of the time. In the pool she is kinda swimming, she’ll stick her head under the water and flail her arms in a motion similar to swimming. She doesn’t get a lot of forward momentum but she’s got the general idea and she’s loving it. Its hard to keep her out of the water these days. I hope what she learns and the confidence she’s gained will stick around.

Connor, bless his heart has cut two teeth since we’ve been here and is working on some more. He seems to always get several teeth in a row. True to form he’s being a trooper, but he’s hurting as evidenced by the sandy fist he’s jamming in his mouth. (Teething aside, he is ingesting so much sand, yesterday he was scooping sand into a squeezable apple sauce and before I knew it he sucked it right down.) Yesterday, I bought everything the Piggly Wiggly had for teething in an attempt to keep him happy through dinner, although it turned out my car key and pen were his favorite things to gnaw on. He’s still loving the water though, and as sandy as he’s been, it doesn’t seem to phase him in the least. It never fails, he gets really grimy (like after a face plant in the sand) and then wants to be held. Ugh! JJ has been the best sport all week carrying him around the majority of the time.