Well there is plenty to corroborate my statement that Cailee is on the move these days. Just two days shy of ten months and if she had a longer runway she would be gone. Unfortunately, we haven’t quite mastered the steering aspect of this toy.

Then again, who needs a toy when they have a mommy. We just need to practice letting go now. But I do swear she’s getting stronger and better at this everyday.

And if all of that wasn’t enough – her favorite thing to do is to make a mad run (well crawl, the running is going to be scary) for the stairs. Its a big challenge to beat mommy there and yes, she can make it all the way up the flight (closely supervised of course). I know, I am not teaching very good habits. She is going to be sorely disappointed when we had the gate at the bottom of the stairs (and we’ll be very inconvenienced -thus the hesitation).