Connor was required to have a follow-on one week appointment because he wasn’t quite beefy enough – not something I expected – given Cailee’s weight gain in month one. But this again proves that no two babies are alike. Apparently, appointment one showed some weight gain, appointment two was supposed to build on this and didn’t – so we needed appointment three to prove Connor was being fed, apparently my word was not good enough.

He is now 8lbs 1 oz – above his birth weight and he gained a whopping 6 ounces since his appointment two days ago – so we are good now – although I am convinced the only difference was the timing of his feeding in proximity of the appointment – I mean we are squabbling over 1/3 of a pound here.

Connor also had to endure a short photo session with mom in order to try and get a photo for his birth announcement. At least I didn’t subject him to putting him in some strange basket or weird prop which I often see being done with newborns. Although that was probably only because I didn’t want to pay for the photo session just yet.

Here are a few photos with the eyes open – imagine that – its still few and far between that we get to see his baby blues.

And by the way – it might look like Connor has a lot of warddrobe changes – he does – and its not because I like to play dress up – he pees through everything – I didn’t know this about little boys – now I do and precautions are being taken – but obviously I am not always successful.