352 pictures later, we made it through the a wedding rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, a swim in the pool, a dip in the ocean, the wedding and the reception and JJ and I consider no small feat (For those who don’t know, Connor was asked to be the ring bearer in Jessica Painter’s wedding, Jessica is nearly family as her dad has worked with JJ and his dad for close to 20 years). In fact, at the end of the weekend we were congratulating ourselves on making it out in one piece, kids in tact and the wedding left relatively unscathed after our two little munchkins took a run at it. Fortunately, we had lots of reinforcements who wanted to help, and being that the kids are cute, that covered up a multitude of sins.

Saturday, after a disappointing round of soccer (Cailee was pretty much the only team member to show – including the coach), we headed to Carolina Beach. Our room was great with a wrap around view of the ocean and the hotel had a Starbucks (in an otherwise Port City Java town) – who could as for more. We hit the beach for the rehearsal and the kids (obviously) were most interested in the sand and water. But having the wagon did help – it managed to get Connor down the aisle, which was all that was expected.