So I was put onto a cute idea by my good friend Kim. A quite creative couple decided to take a picture of their little girl – once a week – to document her first year. View their project here. At the end of the year, they figure they can create a cute photo book or some other memorabilia with all the photos. Normally, I wouldn’t just take an idea without giving it my own twist – but this one is hard to top and since they gave pretty explicit instructions on how they did it – I am going to pay them the ultimate compliment and copy them. You’ll have to bear with me though – I am still getting the hang of when to try and capture this photo to have the best light, a happy baby and the least interruptions (from an un-named two year old).

I had a lot of fun with my mini model – not sure he shares the enthusiasm – but he appeased me. It was actually pretty difficult to choose just one so I decided to share some of the outtakes from week two, final selection to follow.