What I love about this baby already is that he’s proving to be different. He is certainly not following any norm or convention from Cailee’s birth and is already keeping us on our toes. He’s got his daddy on pins and needles and his mommy more anxious then ever, but only God knows when the time is right and we are working on being content for that moment. We’ve hit all the milestones, endured all the symptoms, completed all the decorating, cleaning, laundry and so on (aka nesting), stocked the refrigerator, turned on the out of office email message, watched all the tv shows on the dvr, and now its just a lesson in patience. So, Connor, whenever you are ready – we are too!

Very excited about our sports themed play mat – maybe the introduction of sports early will get little man thinking scholarship – wishful thinking.

Or maybe he will follow in Dad’s footsteps with a passion for racing.

The cats have been kicked out of the crib

There is no turning back on the name

All the gear has been purchased. It should be noted, these are baby blue not Carolina blue.

And the toybox is stocked.