Man, when they tell you that your life changes with a kid – you just can’t really anticipate what that means. Where in the past (pre-Cailee) weekends were filled with shopping (me) and napping (JJ), nice dinners out (dates!) and a carefree life style – now its filled with whatever we can do to entertain Cailee -and somehow that might sound like I am complaining – but the reality is – I wouldn’t change it for the world. JJ would have the same response (except he might still opt for a 30 minute nap).

Today, we all shopping, Cailee napped in the car, and we grabbed a pizza and a movie for a night in-date. And then for all the in-between times, we played, read books, molded play-doh, pushed the stroller, made chalk art on the driveway, fixed the screenporch (oh that cailee stuck her arm through), threw legos down the slide – and that probably only accounted for 15 minutes.

Look at our pretty art work. Cailee contributed to both.

We got a bit desperate and tagged along on a ride to GG and Granddad’s house – where Lola raced around like a crazed pup and Cailee visited the fish in the pond and took a ride in the wagon. That was good enough for a red overheated face.