There was nothing really significant to yesterday, it was just another Wednesday, chocked full of meetings and work – but Cailee and I had some fun times just the same. I’ll have to narrate some of these images.

“Mommy, I have a boo boo”
(Reality – no she didn’t – she had a BANDAID and a make believe boo bob – but I pacified her just the same)

“Shoes” (and “Shoes, shoes, shoes”)
Cailee loves her shoes, and putting on shoes and taking off (“Off”) shoes and trying on more shoes.

“uh oh”
Actually, I don’t think she said that – this act was entirely planned, it was what I was thinking when I realized I should not have handed her the entire carton of goldfish.

Our funny self portrait. I think Cailee is actually sticking her tongue out. And yes, I think my thumb got in the way. What a pro am I!

Winding down the day, waiting for daddy to come home. When he gets home, Cailee gets to carry in his lunch bag.