Its hard to believe that next week marks 12 weeks since Connor was born. It also means its time for me to go back to work. I have mixed feelings there, anyone who knows me well knows that I thoroughly enjoy my non-work time and full time mommy status. On the other hand, there is something to be said for the structure and satisfaction that working brings. Its just the challenge of doing both full time work and full time mommy at times that makes me a wreck (ask JJ, he is dreading this transition more than me).

In reflecting back to where the time has gone, I realized I actually got a lot done the last three months (couldn’t just sit back and relax, could I?)

  • Had a beautiful 8lb boy. Survived nighttime feedings, the breast pump, throw-up, and blow-outs (ongoing)
  • Canceled my Time Warner Cable, installed DSL, considering going back.
  • Painted and redecorated my office/guest room (as much as the budget would allow). Curtains on order (more on that later)
  • Potty trained Cailee (fingers crossed that it sticks, this might be one of my proudest mommy moments). Next up, her pacifier(s).
  • Found a nanny, changed my mind, found new help. Did the preschool circuit, got accepted into the school of choice. (Cailee starts 9-12 Tuesdays and Thursdays in September).
  • Updated my resume, did a little freelance, changed the theme to my blog countless times, kept my blog up-to-date (that’s a biggie for me, don’t expect as much once work starts again). Started my 52 weeks photos project for Connor (hard to believe we are almost a quarter of the way there)
  • Refinanced the house (long overdue) and saved me some monies, which went directly into paying the hospital for Connor (coordinating these bills was a feat in itself).
  • Did a lot of “firsts” with Cailee – Picked strawberries, visited the library, went on a boat, took Dance lessons, went to a Durham Bulls game, went fishing… went back to the museum, and kicked off pool season in style.
  • Caught up with a lot of good friends and family (a new baby is always a good excuse for lunch). Made a trip to Asheville, and several to Greensboro.
  • Organized, hung and tagged clothes for Kids Exchange consignment sale #2
  • And just for good measure – lost my baby weight (an excuse for new non-maternity clothes) and got back on an exercise regimen (which will last exactly as long as bathing suit season does)
  • Now, I think I need a vacation.