IBM Developer Centers

“Ami’s ability to roll up her sleeves and contribute to the work is an important element of her effectiveness as a change agent. She creates everything from storyboards, to paper prototypes, wireframes, and detailed designs and imagery. She buries herself in user research. She volunteers to do whatever it takes to get the job done. In this project, she took on front end design and development responsibilities when resources were tight, and was arguably the most productive person on the team. Her efforts brought early progress and created the all-important project momentum. Furthermore, when the user stories demanded changing long held approaches in developerWorks designs and ways of working, many of which Ami had helped to create in the past, Ami wasn’t afraid to challenge the status quo. There were no sacred cows and no pride of ownership barriers in Ami’s approach.” 

Scott Bosworth, Director, IBM developerWorks

Developer adoption is business critical for key offerings at IBM, yet as the digital landscape continued to evolve, changes were needed to grow IBM’s developer ecosystem and drive product trial downloads. Users were seeking answers, but not investing time in content. Modern developer experiences boasted of code samples, hands-on tutorials and direct access to technical expertise. After extensive research and competitive analysis, I designed the basic framework for a digital experience targeting developers. I worked closely with IBM product developers to cultivate focused developer sites for key IBM technologies and products such as Bluemix, Watson, Agile, WAS Liberty, Social Tools and more.

Each site adopts the same underlying platform and standards for consistency, but the experience is further customized per branding. The design is clean, simple and purposeful with strong calls to action and emphasis on key opportunities for engagement with tasks and content that is meaningful to developers. The developer sites began as an experiment, however, due to their success, they became a cornerstone of the IBM developer user experience with nearly 50 developer centers and growing



Project included

Concept, Design and WordPress theme development (HTML, CSS)


February 2013, December 2013