IBM Digital Experience

“We faced a daunting effort to modernize and simplify the user interface and remain competitive. For example, creating a basic visual theme required Java back-end skills and several weeks’ time. Unfazed, Ami quickly won the trust of her peers, and working closely with development, designed, and OM, delivered a completely revamped theming experience.”

Carolyn Pampino, Director, IBM Enterprise Social Software

After years as a leader in web content management, IBM Digital Experience, was facing stiff competition from LOB-friendly tools that were virtually plug and play, whereas, to create a new (basic) visual theme for a portal-based experience required Java back-end skills and several weeks’ time. Working closely with development, I designed a completely revamped theming experience (theme manager, editor, development tools, and optimization analyzer) and scripting portlet that targeted front end developers requiring only basic HTML, CSS, and JS skills.

The new theming capabilities and scripting portlet, which gave developers and (finally) line of business users the ability to quickly and easily customize the look and feel of their digital properties, were featured at IBM Connect 2015 and delivered in product in 2016 (v8.5). These enhancements to IBM Digital Experience are a compelling selling point.


IBM Digital Experience



To Be Story

It is easy to create, find and manage themes from the themes palette.

A user can create or clone a theme in one click.

A user can work with sample pages to test development

A user can quickly create pages using a text field UI

The properties pane makes it easy to reference common xDX elements.

A user can leverage type ahead to quickly reference WCM tags

Final design for theming and built-in editor as developed