IBM Watson Work

“Ami is at the very core of Watson Workspace strategy and priorities, which speaks to how her ability and insight have garnered her deep respect from the entire leadership team. In the context of strategic explorations with partners, her ability to quickly turn conversations into compelling design concepts and to communicate with great effectiveness – both verbally and visually – have been of immense value to the team broadly as well as to my own efforts.”

Scott Prager, IBM Distinguished Engineer, IBM Collaboration Solutions

Knowledge is being created and shared at unprecedented rates these days, but most organizations aren’t activating this collective knowledge. The unique opportunity that IBM had was to define a “better way to work” by understanding, learning, and reasoning from this knowledge (‘data’) and ultimately put our AI technology (‘Watson’) to work for end users such that it saves them time and makes them more productive in ways they never considered possible. I led a team that explored how AI could be utilized to solve user pain points such as information overload, findability, inability to focus on what’s important and the disruptive nature of context switching between tools, in differentiating ways.

We designed differentiating cognitive capabilities for Watson Workspace such as “Moments” solving for information overload and “Action identification and in-stream fulfillment” enabling workflow within collaboration without disruption. Workspace was the first of its kind to put Watson in the hands of everyday users. We also derived a cross-business unit strategy to apply cognitive understanding to specific industries processes and in December 2018, debuted IBM Supply Chain Insights Resolution Rooms – collaborative workflow to support incident resolution built on Watson Workspace.


IBM Watson Work



Exploring user pain points

Ideation on collapsing the conversation history as Moments.

Ideation on associating Moments with files to provide context.

Ideation on Smart Notifications

Differentiating outcomes

Moments in Watson Workspace

Admin user interface to create industry templates

Supply Chain Insights Resolution Rooms using Watson Workspace