This was the first year (and last) that we got to enjoy both Cailee and Connor’s preschool Christmas programs. Luckily, Connor’s was Tuesday and Cailee’s was Thursday so we didn’t need to choose whose to attend. Connor was not the most enthusiastic singer of the bunch but we were thrilled that he stayed up with his class the entire time and “the wheels on the bus – Christmas version” was a clear favorite – we even saw a few arm motions. The best part is that he was so excited to see us and be performing – he had a giant smile on his face nearly the entire time. Cailee, on the other hand, knew all the words and all the hand motions – amazing to see how much she has grown in the last two years (and hard to imagine Connor will be there soon). Cailee picked out her dress with the big red bow and she looked quite cute, although I can only imagine that in 20 years when she looks back on these pictures, she will question why I dressed her in a dress that looked like a drape with a big red bow – I can just imagine the conversation now – but I am getting a ahead of myself.