I took a photography class yesterday and it was a lot of fun. It was geared towards moms with cameras which is right up my alley because as much as I just love any good photography, for me personally, I most enjoy taking pictures of my kids (as evidenced by my 5000+ photos from last year alone) – I just want to freeze our memories in time.

I knew some of the basics from a course I took half a life ago (although my recollection was really rusty) and more recently from online tutorials, but it is hardly a skill you pick up overnight.

So this brings us to where we are now, practice, practice, practice – because practice makes perfect, after all – right? and this means that my beloved family members have to endure a camera in their face ALL THE TIME.

Here’s Cailee this morning. In typical fashion, she started off a little on the grumpy side, but a quick dose of chocolate milk and the cloudiness was substituted by a balloon (left over from last night’s birthday party).

You can’t tell (or maybe you can) but this is Cailee jumping on the bed…

Somehow we managed to get dressed, but couldn’t quite get separated from blankie.