Fast forward 18 hours and the rain had turned to snow – not near what they predicted (but this seems to be par for the course, a lot of hype leads to nothing) but we were lucky to squeak out about 2 inches of snow – just enough to cover the grass. It was actually perfect because the kids were able to tromp around in it and yet by 11:00 am the roads were clear enough to make them passable (this is sometimes an issue in our neck of the woods given that our trees typically shade the road/driveway making them the last to dry out).

We made the most of the snow – we went sledding, built a snowman (well its a snow blob, this snow was not conducive to rolling snowballs) complete with an pinecone for its nose (Cailee was quick to point out that I didn’t have any carrots in the house – how so very unprepared am I?), enjoyed a walk, did a little snow raking, even played in the sandbox (another perk of a snow “storm” in the south).