I’ve learned that one someone uses the expression “It’s like a zoo in here” – it doesn’t refer to the nature of the animals at a zoo (they were all asleep, except for one extremely ADD puffin), it must be in reference to the number and diversity of the people who visit the zoo on a nice Saturday in the spring.

We took Cailee to the zoo for the first time and it was a lot of fun – but I still think she’s about 6 months from truly appreciating what it was all about. She enjoyed the freedom to run where she wanted, she loved climbing up an down the steps up to the viewing platforms, she loved the ice cream, the animal carousel, watching people, the giant leaf slide and the tram ride. She didn’t notice the animals – not one, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t have a blast. And the best part – she was so worn out that she slept til 11!! this morning. (and she went to bed at 8:30). That’s worth the $28 bucks and sore feet that JJ and I had.