I am sure there is already another post with this name, so consider this “A day in the life part X”. It’s really just a chance to post some pictures, as if its not obvious – I haven’t taken as many photographs lately – mostly because I am too busy chasing Cailee and getting her to pose isn’t very easy. We spend a lot of our time in our new playroom, lately Cailee has really been into books – reading them to me, sitting in my lap having me read to her – but usually she flips the pages and that means we jump through several pages at once. I am glad that she is taking an interest in books and we have a LOT of books – but even with so many to choose from – she always picks the same ones over and over. All her Dora books are a big hit, plus any book she can touch and feel. Cailee is also finally getting the hang of drawing and crayons. She doesn’t have a super long attention span and occasionally still wants to eat the crayon but we have an easel, a chalk board, some pads and coloring books – so we are completely stocked just in case. I just know she is going to be creative – its in her genes!

My day is something like – work from 630am-9:00am, get up Cailee and get her ready for the day, take a shower, etc, then we play/work til about 12. Cailee takes a nap for about two hours still (sometimes shorter, sometimes longer) until 2 or 3 and then we play/work til Dad gets home at 7. He gives her a bath, feeds her dinner and we put her to bed by 8 – I go to work again and then its time to grab a few zzz’s and start it all over again.