How sad is it to be a graphic designer by trade and yet I can’t decide on which design I like the best. Maybe its the fact that to me this may be only a small memento but it introduces such a significant time in our lives. It has to be a design that reflects not only Cailee’s personality, but that of JJ and mine (is that how you say that? editors?).

And that brings to mind so many choices, to use color or black and white, to choose a classic style or floral, to select this picture or that? Oftentimes, for truly important design decisions, I have to sleep on it – but since that doesn’t come as easily these days – I will just have to ponder it for a day or two, take a few more candid shots (this girl will be a pro in front of the camera before lone) and I know it will come to me.

As for the rest of you – I guess you will all have to wait and be surprised when the final choice arrives in the mail and you can laugh if I decide not to choose any of these (as that would be option #7 – “not pictured”).