So you would never know it – because Cailee is still in remarkably good spirits – but she has finally succumbed to the inevitable winter cold. Honestly, I am shocked that it hasn’t happened before now because she has been kissed and hugged on by many cold-ridden individuals during this holiday season. Yet today she finally woke up with the first of many, I am sure, stuffy noses. Her mommy tried to use the squeegie thingie but not successfully I must admit. And it was far too nice to not go outside, so we bundled up in our new lamb hat and blanket (it was a bit overkill considering the temperatures are nearing 70 but you can never be too careful) and sat in the stroller like a big girl for the first time. So dispite the runny nose, sneezing and drooling that her daddy compares to Niagara Falls, Cailee is busy trying to talk to everyone that will listen, taking time to pose for some cute pictures and still flashing her dimples and baby blues enough to make anyone melt.