So I’ve learned as a dance mom, you spend the majority of your time backstage except for the few minutes you run into the auditorium to catch a 30 second routine from closest seat you can find.   That means I get a lot of backstage photos and not many actual performance pictures (most of the time they won’t allow you to take video at all and generally no photos which is a bummer for this mom that likes to immortalize everything via photos).   They will, of course, sell you a dvd of every performance for 30-40 bucks a pop.

As of Saturday, dance/gym season 2014-15 is in the books – two competitions, pre-team gym, and our big recital, culminating with two more trophies to add to the collection.  That’s the part Cailee looks forward to all season I think…

She earned them though – you can see how she is really growing in confidence and skill.    I am one proud momma – seeing her on the stage always makes me a bit weepy.  And JJ was really impressed – I forgot this is the first time he’s seen her perform.  Since I’ve seen her dance the same routine more times than I can count – I’m always on the edge of my seat doing each routine in my head right along with her – nodding with every right step, willing her to correct every wrong move.  I guess it’s my inner dancer – but she really does me so proud.

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