We continue to have a blast, although keeping Cailee this busy makes her very tired too so we took it a little more low key today, spent the morning at the beach and took a dip in the pool in the afternoon. Its very pretty where we are staying, so we have enjoyed some walks around, exploring the crab dock and very [expensive] pretty houses.

We went to the beach by ourselves today because Isabella got a little pink yesterday. Cailee didn’t have as much fun but made the best of it. Yes, I know, who takes a juice cup to into the ocean? Apparently, my daughter does.

Cailee striking a pose on the pier. Its right beside our place and had been a fun walk to take at night.

And this is the pretty sunset we enjoy each evening.

The place we are staying in, taken from the pier.

Cailee enjoying one of many piggy back rides. This is her now favorite mode of transportation when the legs are too tired to carry her on their own. Its quite cute, she waves at every car that passes her.