Well it didn’t work out exactly like that – clearly – but as a result of my phones turning into pacifiers for Cailee, and therefore their inoperability, I just “had” to get new ones. So I’ve upgraded to the blackberry bold and the new iphone 3gs. Both are pretty cool as far as gadgets go – its amazing how far technology has come, I wouldn’t have imagined even 8 years ago that we would be able to do what we do now with smart phones. The nice thing is that both come with a video camera (helping offset the previous video camera catastrophe). Recently, Cailee has been so active and into EVERYTHING, that the video camera has come in handy – easy to capture her on the move sometimes then just a static picture (although we still have plenty of those).

She is cruising (I think that’s the correct term) around everything so I know that walking is not too far off, and she is getting her fifth tooth as we speak (on the bottom). She’s even making a lot more oohs and aahs (well she’s talking up a storm, we just aren’t quite she what she’s trying to tell us).

Here’s the little busy bee in action (I keep forgetting that on the phone I need to turn the camera so its in landscape mode).