Today was Cailee’s first Christmas! Its hard to believe that she was even a thought in our minds, just a prayer in our hearts, at this time last year. Its been the best gift we could have asked for all year.

Cailee was spoiled by everyone this year! She made the rounds visiting family – she is very loved. She started in Asheville, NC to see Aunt Bethie, then met up with her Uncle Dave and the Herrman family Christmas in Greensboro. This morning, she helped us open gifts until her sleepiness took over and was down for the count. By lunch, she was on her way to the Dewar Christmas Cookout. She enjoyed a fun horsey jumperoo.

For Christmas Cailee got clothes, books, toys including her first cell phone, a dolly and her first bible. She also got a pretty necklace to go in her new jewelry box. Be sure to look at the pictures of Cailee sporting her handmade lamb hat, it goes very nicely with her cheeks.

Tonight she relaxed with a bubble bath in her new ducky tub. Its been quite a week but one we’ll all remember for a long time.