Today was Cailee’s first day of soccer. It was actually the draft evaluation where the kids play and the coaches evaluate their skills so they can build teams that are evenly distributed – if that really matters when it comes to three and four year olds. Cailee was cute, she was a little nervous to start, but she quickly got into the swing of it. What I didn’t think about is that Cailee doesn’t really understand soccer – she’s never played the game as a team sport. She was fine as long as she had a ball in front of her, but when the coach threw the ball out there on the field with 15 kids scrambling – Cailee was a little out of her element. She didn’t understand why no one would share the ball or give her a turn. I have heard the stories and it’s true, at this age, it’s a free for all. On one hand I am glad she wasn’t instantly the most aggressive kid on the field, but we might have to work on her confidence a bit, I know she can run with the pack (at least if her energy level is any indication). But above all else, Cailee looked really good in her soccer gear – and isn’t that all that matter?