Well if I didn’t – this should give it away. Guess what her latest toy is? An iPod Touch! Is that pathetic? I would say that it says something about me as a parent – but JJ and I had to make a tough decision and it came down to money (doesn’t everything?). The fact is – Cailee went nuts for my iphone every time it was visible. So I started to give it to her to play with (first mistake). She cranked called everyone (yes, she figured out how to turn off airport mode), she was dancing to Rihanna and Timberlake and she was rearranging my applications, deleting function, changing settings, sending emails and updating my status. Many of you are probably victims of baby gone wild with my iPhone at the helm. So we considered the cost of the iPod touch vs. the cost of replacing my iPhone and we gave in.

Now she has her own “phone” stacked full of dora movies, veggie tales songs and every kid app I could find. We insist that she is no longer allowed to have mommy’s phone – she must use her own and she’s as content as I have ever seen her. She’s got a rhinestone case to top it off.

This has gotten me thinking that there might be a market for some kiddie iPhone apps – so that is next on the list – I’ve even enlisted my bro as the artist. Just need to find a minute or two to work on them.