So Cailee is starting “school” at the end of August. She’ll be attending Aldersgate United Methodist Church for two days from 9-12. And while I have mixed feelings about sending her off for any time at all, we are going through the motions, with the hope that Cailee learns more about socializing with other kids, and some of the basic traits that go along with that – sharing, kindness, helpfulness, and so on.

As part of the registration process, they required a photo of Cailee and one of her family. While I anticipated this would be a difficult, it proved a bit more challenging then I expected.

My original idea was to get everyone on the porch bench. What a picturesque setting – or so I thought. Turns out some wasps made this their home and Cailee disturbed them the minute she sat down. So much so that they stung her twice. I felt helpless and terrible. She was pretty hysterical for a good five minutes. If there is any upside – at least I know now that Cailee is not allergic to bee stings (assuming wasps count) and I am grateful they didn’t get to Connor as well.

So needless to say, the first family picture was a wash. So we tried it again on the couch. It seems everyone was focused on everything but the camera.

Today, in the rain, we tried the bench again, after JJ convinces us all wasps are gone. We take two pictures (not great either) and what appears – a wasp. That was a wrap for me. And it was the head of JJ from one photo and everyone else in another that finally made the cut.

Let’s just hope that purpose of the picture is to use them for an art project the first day, although somehow I expect this is going to be hanging somewhere all year. I know why they leave it to professionals now.