I just love when the kids (and I) are surrounded by family. I grew up in a big family and we are all equally busy so its hard to get everyone together, but this weekend was full of family. On Friday night, JJ and I got a rare treat from my parents and we were able to sneak away to a hotel in Greensboro while the kids had a “sleepover” at GG and Gdaddy’s. At first I thought Cailee was going to be a handful – she still gets weird and attaches herself to mommy, and she initially was a little weepy when we first arrived (she had also just woken up from a nap). Fast forward ten minutes and we said it was time to leave and she said – Bye, Give me a hug and kiss. So all was good and we were able to enjoy Friday night/Saturday without the little ones tugging on us (which is always bittersweet). We headed home Saturday afternoon, only to turn around and drive back on Sunday (thankfully, the hour drive is quite easy).

We had lunch and a nice walk at the park with nearly the whole Herrman gang. Again, at the start Cailee was a bit shy (as evidenced by the picture of her hiding behind the book), but she opened up just in time for everyone to leave. It was a nice time, the kids generally showed their best side and it was great catching up with family. Not many pictures but here are the few. Connor was not very tolerant of the family picture – surprisingly he wanted to get back into the stroller versus being held. What baby wants that?