Cailee was so excited to get an invite to Allison’s birthday and even more excited to realize it was going to be the same format as last year – an hour in the tumble gym followed by princess time with cake & goodie bags. I mean, those are her two most favorite activities, in one party (and that was only one of two parties this weekend).

Cailee loves gymnastics and loves the trampoline most of all (as if you can’t tell by all the pictures). She was really flying high and having a blast.

Her princess gear was Anna from Frozen. She’s recently informed me that she now loves this movie as much as The Little Mermaid. This is a BIG deal, coming from the girl who cares nothing for any other princess by Ariel. And of course, someone informed us they had been to the movie twice and all of a sudden Cailee was on a kick to see the movie again (we had gone Thanksgiving eve). It was if she hadn’t thought of going twice to see the movie. So we went Friday night, we’ve been listening to the soundtrack and while I tried to get Elsa, her favorite princess, that was not to be (apparently it’s everyone’s, nationwide, favorite) so she settled for Anna and it turned out to be a hit. She was so thrilled to get the attention.