It had been on my list to visit Kidzu in downtown Chapel Hill for a while now and BONUS, admission and parking is free on Sunday’s. We killed a little time at Buns, an eating establishment unknown to me – it must be known for its extra long hot dogs and huge servings of sweet potato fries – I would certainly go back – but opt to share my meal with JJ.

No, I didn’t eat this whole thing, but I did try,

We spent some time playing at Kidzu, honestly, Cailee made the best of it, but it was quite smaller then I expected so the museum had run its course in no time.

Since the weather is so tolerable, we took a walk in the park (not sure the official name, given to it by students at Carolina, nor do I really care – boy does that sound bad?), Its the one beside the church with a few statues, brick walkway, large trees, you get the point. Very pretty.