Yep, that’s what our Saturday was made of. Cailee and I kicked off the morning with a walk with Bailey, picking flowers and striking model poses (the particularly stern photo below is Cailee’s zoolander look apparently). I’ve so enjoyed Cailee growing up and now being at the point where we can take walks and talk, actually carrying on a real conversation – even though a lot of it begins with “Why this… Why that… ”

Conversely, Connor got to enjoy some dedicated daddy time. JJ wanted to go to the Tour de Fat (a bike festival sponsored by Fat Tire beer, hence the root of the otherwise oxymoron name) so he borrowed a bike + kid cart and Connor was toted along for the ride (Cailee got to do the ride home). They both loved it! It reminds me of a time JJ and I were walking through our old neighborhood, pre-kids, and a dad was carting his kid around – so fast that the kid was apparently shell shocked, the only thing you heard from the kid was, “whoooa daddy” – it was pretty hysterical as a spectator (possibly traumatizing for the kid though).

Unfortunately, I missed them taking off for the ride and coming home so I didn’t get any pictures, but I have no doubt they were the cutest kiddos in a bike cart!

As if we couldn’t cram any more in the day, we ended the afternoon at the sprayground – attempting to cool off from one of the first real hot days of the summer. Of course, the kids spent more time in the sandbox/swingset than the water, so it’s possible we ended up more sandy, salty and sweaty than we started.