On Friday, Cailee’s school held its final shindig – a funday for all the students. And I don’t know were I got the impression that there there were going to be bouncy houses and water slides, but I clearly read more into the flyer then turned out to be the reality. Fortunately, Cailee was not disappointed, even though I was a tad. For all the kids in the school there were two small plastic pools, two sprinklers, a bubble machine and an icee machine. The event was only an hour – which should have been my first clue – but that was just long enough for Cailee to run countless times back and forth through the sprinkler. She had a blast (Phew!) It reminds me of how little it takes to entertain kids – its the whole “buy the kid a nice toy and they prefer to climb in the discarded box” syndrome.

I had to coax Cailee away with the promise that we would play some more in the water, so we broke out her baby pool- which I realized is really much too small for her now, but she didn’t seem to mind. (Note to self – get a bigger pool). I did try and put Connor in the pool and he would immediately climb out and head for the swingset. He’s really into climbing up the plankwalk all by himself, playing with the wheel and then sliding down (I think I mentioned this in an earlier post). And yes, Cailee did have on three different swimsuits throughout the day – quite the diva, one was too wet, one didn’t cover her belly enough.