Cailee had been looking forward to McKinely’s 5th birthday party for days. She doesn’t quite understand yet when you tell her about an upcoming event, a few days in advance, that she can’t have it right then and there.

The big day finally arrived and the party didn’t disappoint – a bouncy house, and magnificent Rapunzel tower cake. It seemed that Cailee was on the verge of tears the entire time (she never does well when she doesn’t have her nap on cue), however, she did hold her own amongst the other 5 year olds and certainly had a good time, as long as she got her way.

Cailee did get to try her hand (bat) at her first pinata, of course she was supposed to be wearing a blindfold, but of course, she saw the hat as just an impediment to finding the target, so she just kept pushing the hat up on her head. Connor, of course, enjoyed all the extra attention he always gets these days.