So this week I have day long meetings in the office every single day. I’m dreading it. Especially today. It’s supposed to be 70 degrees and sunny outside and JJ is home with the kids (so I can work) but it feels like I should be there too. On top of all that the racing party of the year is next weekend and I would much rather be planning that (or there will be some inevitable late nights in my very near future). But, on the up-side, its great to have “real life” sandwiched between Easter and a party. I can’t really complain. I come into the week with fond memories from the past few days and have plenty to look forward to. We had a great Easter – it was extended over a few days, as well it should and I am working backwards on my blog posts.

Yesterday, we crammed a lot into the day. We got our Easter baskets, dyed some eggs, went to Church, and then to GG and Gdaddy’s in Greensboro for a large meal, egg hunting and more. JJ and I even snuck in some alone time at our favorite coffee shop. The kids were zonked by the end of the day – both falling asleep soundly in the car on the ride home.

I spend so much time taking pictures of the kids but not many of the main guy in my life. We got to sneak out to the Green Bean and obviously, he was none too thrilled with having to pose for pictures – but I made him anyhow.