Like I said – lots of funness! We went to a great park in – well actually I don’t know where it was – somewhere around Burlington/Mebane. My parents have a great knack for finding these gems in the wild. This park was great; its huge, with picnic areas, a playground, a frisbee golf course, some historic buildings, trails, and more- plenty to keep us busy all afternoon. A bunch of the Herrman clan was there – GG, Gdaddy, Uncle Dave and Aunt Beth, so plenty of helping hands and playmates – which was great – with two kiddos on the move things are crazy these days – as Cailee and Connor never seem to be moving in the same direction (well if they are, then they are colliding). We had great food, a good walk and only one minor mishap. Connor and the ladies were on a walk, while the other fellas were playing frisbee golf, and while I was paying attention to Cailee after she took a spin on a concrete bridge, Connor decided to kick his shoe off the bridge into the creek 15 feet below. Thankfully, the creek wasn’t moving an inch, so an hour later after the frisbee game was over we were able to return and JJ retrieved the shoe from nearly the same place as it fell. We really put Father’s day to the test and of course, JJ rose to the occasion.