We certainly tried to cram a lot in one weekend, so maybe it was a blessing in disguise that the rain dampened our efforts to go out tonight and view any fireworks. But that didn’t stop us from having lots of fun inside and out.

On Sunday, we braved the humidity and went to JJ’s co-worker Bob’s house. Lucky for Cailee (and us) Bob has twins just a few months older than Cailee and she just loves “kids” these days. Double bonus, Bob’s kids had lots of cars and motorcycles so Cailee was in heaven.

How many kids can you fit in this “much smaller than a toddler sized smart car”?

And when two doesn’t work, get the boy to pull you.

And if the boy gives up pulling, find the motorized barbie four wheeler

If all else fails, find the boy again in the car suitable for two.

Connor did his best to stay cool – but even the shade was brutal since humidity doesn’t care if the sun is shining or not. He actually gave me big smiles when I sprayed him with the handheld misting fan.

The fourth started out nice and sunny and we enjoyed breakfast at Nosh. Cailee was all decked out in her red, white, and blue + star headband.

The weather brought us some much needed rain later on, so we moved the fun indoors. JJ and I were enjoying Cailee’s dinosaur flashlight (she’s been enamored with Toy Story lately, this is one of the characters), a little too much.

And to top off the night, we made a run to McDonald’s or ‘Donald’s, as Cailee called it (our first choice for snocones was closed – bummer!) for smoothies.

There you have it – a day in the life at the Dewar’s!