This year we were fortunate to spend the Fourth of July with the Hamletts at their mountain house. It was great – the weather was ideal (I mean, I can’t remember the last time we had seventies and sunny in July), the food was delicious and it goes without saying that the  company was superb.  We spent all day Friday at Tweetsie Railroad –  a first for all of us.  We didn’t expect to turn it into an all day affair, but I think we covered every square inch of that place and then some, including a Fireworks night cap.   Connor rode the big train twice and loved it, while Cailee rode every ride that her height would allow her (and I was really fortunate that Melanie could stomach the tilt-a-whirls better than she could).   On Saturday, we checked out Christmas in July in West Jefferson, boucy houses, carni food and clogging – something you definitely have to try at least once.  As if that wasn’t enough – we squeezed in a great cookout & bonfire, toasted marshmallows, learned how to shoot a bow and arrow, picked blackberries, and enjoyed plenty of walks breathing in some crisp mountain air.

I’ll let the pictures talk for themselves. By the way, isn’t Audrey a complete ham for the camera? And yes, Connor was here but obviously he was hiding from my lens (typical).




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A quick video from Christmas in July bouncy slides

And more rides at Tweetsie Railroad